Safety is paramount in all our operations. We are Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved drone operators, hold a current Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO), and are backed by £5M public liability insurance.

All operations are conducted according to our standard operating procedures as laid down in our magic book (otherwise called an operations manual).

Site Survey & Risk Assessment

A detailed site survey and risk assessment will be undertaken before any flights take place, this will determine any specific parameters for the job, and may be varied on the day if anything has changed on-site on the day.

Airspace Checks

As part of the site survey and risk assessment we will determine if any airpace restrictions apply; remember there are places drones cannot be flown. If ATC clearnance is required we will arrange this, and will liaise with any other bodies or organisations required on a job by job basis.

Landowner Permission

We will always obtain permission from the landowner before any flights take place.

Weather Checks

We will keep a close eye on the weather before each job, and it may be necessary to postpone due to unsuitable weather.

Please Remember

The Air Navigation Order stipulates that we cannot fly higher than 400 feet, further than 500 metres from the pilot, out of visual line of site or closer than 50m metres of persons, vehicles and structures not under our control.

Spectacular aerial footage for a wide range of industries

Industry Sectors Served

• Travel, Leisure & Tourism •
• Estate Agents •
• Media, PR / Marketing & TV •
• Architecture, Surveying & Construction •
• Quarrying •
• Wind & Solar Farms •
• Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry •

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